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Decision of 11 second-hand car prices you will understand that the valuation
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They can estimate the value of your car can naturally be aware of to avoid being "Fudge." Used car experts concluded and decided to used car prices are about 11 main factors: 1. Vehicle use year. Used car in 3 years the maximum discount rate of about 20% in new car prices of about -30%. Then, the more backward, the smaller the discount rate. 2. Vehicles in the process. In the second-hand car market, the "new car" and "second car" parts, 1 year 20,000 km called the "new car", 3 years, 60,000 km is called the "second car." Speaking in terms of performance and appearance, these vehicles are less than a new car, but also eliminates the trouble of running, but not easy to de preciation. 3. Vehicle mechanical condition is good or bad. Although some second-hand car with a very long year, but also a lot of mileage, but the owners of diligent maintenance, condition is still good, but also a better price. 4. Vehicles look good or bad, and whether traces of repair. 5. The level of the vehicle configuration. 6. The size of vehicle emissions. Although second-hand car market has a lot of models to choose from, but still second-hand car trading middle and low car-based, small displacement is still the consumer favorite. Therefore, a good used car shot small displacement. 7. The vehicle color is generally consistent with the brand of customer preferences. 8. Whether the vehicle is well-known brands. 9. Whether the local vehicle's environmental policy. 10. Similar vehicles in the used car market, the number of stocks. 11. With brand new vehicles the size of price volatility.
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