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Note that this selection of points used cars
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"Buy used cars of cost savings, no smell, reduced risk, high security and many other advantages." In the interview, Zhang Jun and Li Hongtao think that, even if there is a peak seasons, but second-hand car market is bigger and bigger every year no doubt, as consumers increasingly choose models, in addition to choose a car to note that even the transfer of ownership to improve resolution. "Some second-hand car from the fundamental difference in appearance is not out of any problem, but a small spot can be exposed a lot of secrets." Li Hongtao introduced in selected car, the average consumer will ignore the various components relative to vehicle solder connections, "to pick his car, a closer look at the framework of the vehicle tank and fenders with some of the longitudinal weld, if the projections were spot-like, beneath large and small round or welding, welding point rough not smooth, irregular arrangement and uneven, the show traces of a re-welding. He believes that consumers should also be observed before the Second Circuit panel is straight edge, if edge hoarding obvious signs of repair, the determine a major accident. And then there are more checks within the ABC three columns and the lateral side of the finish paint color it exists or not, open the door, pull down the factory door seal to see frames and post should be straight, with special attention A, B, C pillar and the body should be combined at the original spot circularity, and slightly sunken slightly. "Trade must be lawful, a car must be signed, the price comparison can be more than the right, after all, a car is a big consumer, multi-comparison is a good comparison." Dongfeng Honda used car shop in Qingdao Furi Zhang told the head of journalists, the current second-hand car market has some Che Fanzi their 'shift the' shoddy, false formalities, fraud many consumers, this is worthy of note.
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