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Changchun Oct. popular second-hand car trading slightly higher prices
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Recently, a reporter second-hand automobile market in China and Hong Kong visited Changchun learned that, lately, used car sales booming, especially the price of 5 million to 9 million and 10 million to 18 million in car sales was particularly good . October, Changchun City, second-hand car trading volume of 3,000 units, which is about more than a 15% increase in September. Reporters in the used car market to see that because of bad weather in the past few days, look at cars less than usual number of consumers. It is reported that consumers look at the main family car as a unit, part of the consumer is the first car, driving is not enough skilled, buying a used car before driving, and other later change; also part of the purchase of trucks, for the operation. Used car dealer Mr. Gao told reporters that the recent second-hand car prices have risen some time ago, up in the range of about 5%, that is, the price of 10 million to buy a used car, some time ago to spend more than 5,000 yuan. Changchun, China and Hong Kong Market Development Co., Ltd. motor vehicle ownership manager, told reporters that Deng Fuqing, the most recent second-hand car sales was mainly due to fire immediately to enter 2011, many car dealers in the hands of this year to sell the vehicle as soon as possible, if not sold as soon as possible , next year the cost of car for more than a need, such as inspection, insurance, plus another new multi-year after the devaluation of used cars, so car dealers sell vehicles as quickly as possible, making it second-hand car sales booming. In addition, the grain is received into the season, second-hand vehicles entered the sales peak. Industry estimates, before the end of the period, used car sales will be good, but the recent heavy snow on the used car sales had an impact. By convention, the end of each is the cheapest new car prices, when used car prices are not high, and many prospective new car into the used-car market, would like at this time consumers can buy a used car shot.
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