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Shanghai Buick used car selling used cars rose 2,000 yuan broad based
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Beijing old motor vehicle market stock price analysis of the latest statistics, close to the end of the year, purchases of second-hand car market significant increase in the price and inventory changes in the overall larger, more popular second-hand car prices A thousand dollars higher. It is understood that the current market, Shanghai GM Buick Series slight increase in the overall stock price rose 2,000 yuan, the vehicle concentration in 2008 GL8, LaCrosse, Excelle and other models; Shanghai Volkswagen Passat series overall inventory Increased slightly, prices rose 500 yuan, the vehicle concentration of 1.8 in 2001 manual series; Changchun Audi A6 series marked increase in the overall stock price rose 1,000 yuan, vehicles concentrated in the 1.8T for 2001 series; Chery Series Slight increase in overall stock prices rose 500 yuan, the vehicle situation in 2003 concentrated, QQ, Oriental Son series; Tianjin FAW Toyota Series overall significant increase in inventories, vehicle prices rose 2,500 yuan, the vehicle focus 2007 Crown, Reiz and other series; FAW-Volkswagen Jetta Series marked increase in stock prices basically stable, the vehicle concentration of 1.6 in 2003, Auto series; Tianjin Xiali series of prices also rose 500 yuan, the vehicle concentration In 2000, before the carburetor models.
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