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Used car sale prices do not deviate from the market
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Customers listen to a lot of car dealers roadside "Fudge" are often psychological price increase, but the formal assessment report issued by the company do not trust, holding on and hoping the psychological "high expectations", and ultimately higher than the price of those "low turnover", or customer missed the best time to trade, prices are often even lower than normal. In the face of the specification of the used car sales market, non-clearly-now a weakness in used car sales. Customers like crazy to bargain, often in the bargain prices and then into a black hole, in essence, higher than the market price of buying a used car. So, whether buying a car or selling cars to customers should follow the law of the market value can not deviate from the market price. Dispel the price concerns, JIA Tong welcome this lease. "So much of the house (move back room), really worry about rent. Intermediary state, assured, but also peace of mind of the." Gulan Ying said that under the 10th a total of 124 villagers in the village, has completed more than 80 visits to households, around 75% in favor.
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