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Many reasons why banks stop when the Guangxi used car loans to the market
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When the new car loan "zero interest, fee-free" advertising everywhere, when bikers are also concerned about whether the mortgage loans to purchase used vehicles. It is understood that Guangxi is not yet used car loan bank lending, the only individual on the used car auto finance company lending, but lending conditions is higher. Insiders believe that, once the roll out of the business of car dealers, consumers, banks are the three win-win.

Status: used car loans to high-threshold

Recently, first-hand automobile market competition heats up, new car loan ads everywhere, some even out of the zero-interest and avoid fees of the favorable conditions, while the second-hand car loan market is difficult. July 21, the reporter visited the Avenue is located in Nanning City of Guangxi Anji second-hand car market, the market hit a consignment business can be seen everywhere, consignment, mortgages and other services. They launched the subsidiary business, no doubt to promote the sale of used cars, but there is no business playing the market agent for the owners of mortgage loans used car business.

Co., Ltd. Guang Xi Yipu used car business manager Huangze Li told the reporter, not a bank involved in Guangxi, used car credit business. Second-hand car market in Guangxi Guanghui Ltd. Manager Mr Wong also said the district does not currently involved in the business of bank, financial institutions, but a car used car loans. This reporter learned that, at present China Construction Bank, ICBC, Bank of China has not yet begun in Guangxi used car mortgage loan business.

It is understood, Guangxi, Hong Tong Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd. for the GMAC-SAIC Automotive Finance Co., Ltd. car loan service agents, you can apply for mortgage loans used car procedures. Interview with the financing of the company's business Miss Wei Insurance Commissioner. Miss Wei introduced by mortgage finance company SAIC bought second-hand car, the first payment for the purchase price should be 50% of the loan period no longer than 36 months, age maximum of 3 years, and require cars also finished models After the age of the vehicle not more than 6 years, while a loan applicant, within the period of the loan not more than 65 years of age. In addition, the applicant pursuant to the Purchase of the different models ranging from 1,000 and 3,000 yuan pay a service fee. Loans, the applicant should submit ID card, household, marriage certificate and proof of income and so on. The industry believes that, compared to the new car down payment mortgage loans into two or three into a repayment period of 3 years or 5 years compared to the threshold of loans used car lot higher.

It is understood that provide used cars in Guangxi, financial institutions, mortgage loans are not many, only a few cars 4S shop to handle the business. The 4S shop for the business, the applicant is required to buy a used car in the shop, which makes mortgage loans used car owners to apply the restrictions more. Reporters from a number of such service, 4S stores understand the business applications used car loans are not many bikers.

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