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Used car warranty how far away from us? Riders willing to spend money to "buy pe
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In order to dispel the quality of riders on suspicion of second-hand cars, the domestic strength of some major cities have a lot of second-hand car dealer shot a quality assurance signs. Nanning, a senior industry sources, to provide after-sales quality assurance used car

Certificate, will be the future development of second-hand car market in one direction.

Businesses with the word "warranty card"

Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities floor second-hand automobile market, many large stores used car dealers will be more obvious in their position with the word "sale of quality assurance" signs, usually in the warranty period of 3 months or 5,000 public

, The longest six months or 20,000 km. Although second-hand car dealer in Nanning yet "hung out signs" that provision of quality services, but many car dealers in order to successfully sell the car in the sale of used cars sign written contracts, have already had

The terms of the relevant written warranty in the contract.

Mr. Cheng to join the used car business 10 years, the company operates from the original scale development of the roadside stalls to the parking spaces now has nearly 20 operating companies of used cars, used cars sold every year there are nearly 100 vehicles. He told reporters,

Some years ago, he began to try to provide used car warranty. When his cab company had just moved into the market from the roadside, in order to improve competitiveness, he was to some fancy models, but the quality of the car kept doubts

Customer promise that, to ensure the quality of the car no problem. Meanwhile, he also stated on the contract, if he sold the car to conceal incidents of questionable quality or repair situation, the customer can return the car within a week; more than a week

Less than one month change in the car line; more than a month less than three months free of charge for vehicle dealers.

Mr. Cheng's "quality assurance strategy" after the release of a number of riders reassured. His business is also better and better. Report, the venue of Nanning second-hand automobile market, many employers are offering similar marketing tool.

Riders willing to spend money to "buy peace of mind"

In order to improve competitiveness, many second-hand car dealer provides a warranty, whether consumers buy it at? Miss Chang Che fancy a Chevrolet SPARK. The car only 2 months of age of the vehicle, mileage is only 3,000 km, and the whole car

Not virtually scratch. Motors boss call price, is renamed the Department of formalities complete package than the 4S also light body car shop low price of 2,000 yuan, so the price for her s heart.

However, Miss Zhang's concerns follow. So the new car, the owner why the sell? Will there be any major problem? Although the car dealer has repeatedly stressed that the car no problem, but in the end she turned to 4S store new car.

She told reporters that if the car dealer was willing to provide quality, she will be shot, but then both sides did not think this sign a contract. She said that if the commitment to get their warranty, even if the higher price point, she

Willing to bear.

Second-hand automobile market in the same riders Wong fancy a Tiida and a Corolla, the configuration of two vehicles, age and usage are similar. Tiida price was 10.8 million, the price of the Corolla is 10.5 million. Wong

Finally, students bought the Tiida. He said that, in fact, he preferred the Corolla, but the dealers selling the Tiida has made 5000 km on his commitment to quality assurance, in the end he chose Tiida. "Although it took more than 3000 dollars,

But minds are at ease with business commitments. "

Who to "used car warranty," as collateral?

If second-hand car dealer warranty commitments made, the vehicle quality is really out of how to do? They really do pay for it?

May this year, Nanning, Mr. Lin bought a used-car market in the old section of German cars, car dealers and made him the boss, "a quality problem your money back" guarantee, and this was written on the contract for the sale on. Unexpectedly, car buy back

After only a few kilometers away, to cause a problem. The process of moving, the vehicle will suddenly die fire. Down several times, Mr. Lin fed.

Mr. Lin will be reflected to the cab company boss, the other party sent to repair the master came to see, but did not check out any problems. Later, he made back cars, car dealers said the boss agreed, but said the current cash flow

Difficulties may have to wait to return cars, "long", if Mr. Lin himself car, he was willing to pay more repairs. Finally, Mr. Lin took 1,000 yuan each to car repairs, car repair on your own place, but the repair works are now

Did not identify what the vehicle out of trouble.




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