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Guangxi Motor Show in autumn 1206 turnover of 3 days to support education teache
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September 11 in Guangxi in 2010 the third day of the fall auto show that day because it is the weekend, auto show usher in another wave of peak passenger flow. 5 million people in the traffic volume and the 1206 new car, the auto show to a climax. At this point,

Turnover in the 3139 Motor Show.

    High turnover is expected to

    Although the auto show over the past 3 days only, but its car traffic and the number of transactions point of view, this auto show auto show will hit a new high in Guangxi. It is understood that three days before auto traffic than 14 million passengers, turnover number of 3139 new cars


    Auto sales data from the first three days of looking, import Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan, Shanghai VW, Changan Suzuki, GM Buick, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Peugeot and other brand has achieved encouraging results. Auto Show Organizing Committee

Concerned that, from the collection of data, some high-end models and climbing sales of imported brands, which shows the public's awareness and spending power consumption has changed, but also means that the entire auto industry has been to the State of Guangxi

First-tier cities and even within the market closer to international market.

    11, several of the afternoon heavy rain hit show, part of riders do not carry umbrellas as being heavy rain. Meteorological Science and Technology Center of Guangxi's weather forecast 11, 12, Nanning will have showers or thunderstorms, please view

Bring rain gear riders traveling exhibition. In addition, the committee reminded the bikers, 12, is the show's last day is Sunday, is expected to traffic a lot. Please take public transportation riders as much as possible to watch the show, but please pay attention to bikers

Good child care and their own belongings.

    Area become popular boutique

    View of exhibition experience with many bikers found that the current set aside a special area for Auto Aftermarket area. The area is on display in car modification, car decoration, car supplies automotive facilities and services.

    Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangxi Service Manager Ms Leung said the owner, the Motor Show for the first time opened up a boutique area, the aim of promoting cultural development of car decoration. She said that in Guangxi, one of the car decoration

Basically, stay in the shallow understanding of the decoration, for example, posted a Solar Films, installing a car seat cover, etc., without a better understanding. They hope to open area, to promote culture of car decoration, car decoration consumer guide


    Ms Leung said it back to "first of its kind" has made very good results. Many car manufacturers and car dealers on behalf of active contact with them, hoping to introduce these cars decorated 4S shop support services to help promote the car

Consumption. Also, many bikers have expressed great interest, on-site consultation riders very much.

    Auto second-hand automobile market to bring popular

    September 11, Auto Zone voices, and the exhibition area adjacent to Guangxi, but also by second-hand car market to the "east." Second-hand car market, to see when the car was more than that to the bikers. Mr. Long said that second-hand car dealer, in Guangxi

Auto market auto show held each term, can bring their considerable second-hand car market source. And Mr. Long used car adjacent to the company responsible Lee told reporters, auto show held in 3 days since he has been traded for two


    Guang Xi Yipu used car sales manager, Mr Wong said Management Company Limited, auto passenger flow increased significantly during the store, but these tourists are looked after car, by the way look at used cars. Although there is no volume, but the guests

Into the store to illustrate the potential opportunities, so second-hand car dealers will seize this opportunity as much as possible to facilitate business.

    "Although the auto show for the second-hand car market has brought tourists, but the new second-hand automobile market auto show has some impact." Mr Wong said that each time a large number of new car auto show can be traded, and for the automotive consumer market, Share

Big groups to buy a new car, second-hand car market would definitely be affected. In addition, marketing efforts particularly new car, new car prices, used car prices have dropped along with. Used car dealer in the acquisition of the car, to the price

Cell is also more conservative, and used car prices are also affected hand.

    Will become the eternal theme of charity

    September 10th is Teacher's Day, auto show organizers a special love for donor activities. The Organizing Committee exhibitors to 2 million yuan to raise money for the primary support in Longan County Dalin teachers to teach more than 10 years to send 880 per person

In cash, and buy rice, cooking oil, blankets, moon cake and other items. It is understood that the spring auto show in April, the committee also organized a car dealer to Yushu in Qinghai Province and the Guangxi earthquake affected areas suffered severe drought contributions.

Past two years, auto show charity to become the subject of essential activities.

    Guangxi Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Liu Lu said, as companies of their obligation and responsibility to society to contribute, lend a helping hand to needy groups. Therefore, after the company held by their car

Show, will be designated as the eternal theme of charity.

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