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Of two handcart " recessive " how does cost calculate?
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Compared with buy new car, buy two handcart not to need to increase the tax cost that does not poor, insurance premium, feeling letting a person trades to be understood easily. But, consumer can discover slowly, besides car price, according to buying a particular year of car different, car condition differs, two handcart also hard to avoid produces a few %26ldquo; recessive %26rdquo; consumption. Include to change among them the primary vehicle assembly, overhaul fee that makes sure car is used normally, the car before still may having even advocate amerce of different ground violate the rules and regulations additional owe cost, need buys him home to draw out money %26ldquo; to buy odd %26rdquo; .

Understand for sale car whether tax cost is complete

Consumer buys a car in two handcart market when, car business can emphasize car %26ldquo; duty expending all ready %26rdquo; particularly normally, but sometimes actual condition is not however such, before car advocate the likelihood paid partial duty fee only, or a few projects expired immediately, so consumer is about to calculate on the additional cost of this respect. The personage inside course of study reminds, if the vehicle with not whole procedure had dealt with formalities of change the name of owner in a register, so obligation transfers the right that concerns this car to show a car subsequently advocate on the body, at this moment the cost of maintain a road that primary vehicle place owes, year ticket, violate the rules and regulations fines can by show a car advocate filling capture.

Into boat two handcart market is in charge of the goosefoot gentleman of change the name of owner in a register pointing out, if car advocate after trade, just discover primary vehicle and do not have each charge of settle this year, must fill in time hand in. Among them, cost of maintain a road is mixed year of ticket and insurance are different, cannot computation of go beyond the year. The tube-shaped part that raises travelling expenses capture period is from leave proof period (last year the end of the year in December) to in those days before April 10, in all one-time pay annual raises travelling expenses inside capture period, ask for by 10 lunar plan. General the travelling expenses with 5 annual cars is 1000 yuan, 7 are 2000 yuan, 11 are 3000 yuan. As to year cost, need not hand in immediately when buying a car, in annual hand in before December 31 can, car year fare case is a year at present 980 yuan.

In trading actually, with 2005 secondhand imperial crown is exemple, before car advocate handed in maintain a road to expend only, so besides car price, year ticket, hand in the essential charge such as strong danger to add up, new car advocate be about to be handed in more make an appointment with 2000-3000 yuan.

In addition, before car advocate before selling a car, without all sorts of traffic fine of seasonable pay, new car advocate also should psychology prepares to be %26rdquo; of be punished of %26ldquo; of the other side. Especially before car advocate in different ground violate the rules and regulations, when because trade,be being met sometimes, check be less than relevant record and be ignored, finally must by new car advocate will assume.
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