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Buy two handcart not to pass door, the court sentences his to put in reductive c
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Small wave is Meng of county of Meng dried meat village of embellish of the Meng that hold a town in both hands appoint meeting graceful fall village a glue farming, small strong it is to do lawful and secondhand the boss of car business. Last year on November 26, the car business of two people draws lawsuit however. One calls the person of small cliff, insisting his is the true host of the car, the demand is little remand oneself car.

Ask for for many times without fruit hind, small cliff accused small He Xiaojiang court. This year on September 10, court of people of Jing Hong city undertook to this case first instance adjudicates, not only adjudicative %26ldquo; is small strong the car business agreement that signs with small wave place is invalid, still sentence Ling Xiaobo to must be returned return car %26rdquo; .

One car 4 easy its advocate cause a trouble

On November 2, 2006, accuser small cliff from primary vehicle advocate weeks of small place is bought this car, be in on the west detachment of pointsman of public security bureau of autonomous prefecture of Dai nationality of double edition accept dealt with car move to register. 2007 second half of the year, after friend Xiaozhu lends this the car, did not remand all the time. After a year, small cliff is in when county of Meng dried meat finds him vehicle, car already by two handcart boss small sold small wave by force.

Feeling oneself are returned is a car advocate small cliff negotiates a requirement to return with small wave for many times return this vehicle, but all be rejected. Then, small cliff mentioned to the court lawsuit.

In front courtyard careful, those who serve as the first the accused is small strong think: Accuser small cliff gives car Xiaozhu, he the price with 13000 yuan as a child bright red place is bought car, paid more than yuan 600 insurance premium and fee of maintain a road, although did not deal with formalities of change the name of owner in a register, but the use that already got pair of this cars and deal with authority, just transfer the car small wave later.

Buy a car to should register change the name of owner in a register

The 2nd the accused is small think: Oneself are the car that loan buys, have a contract, still paid insurance, it is lawful, why accuser does not call the police at the beginning, a year of many ability after wanting to buy a car in me calls the police, these are the show that accuser did not hold the right actively.

One car 4 easy its advocate, after all who is a car advocate? Jing Hong court civilian Xie Wensheng of presiding judge of one front courtyard says, our country motor vehicle implements the system that register, ought to deal with when motor vehicle droit produces move register accordingly. So, it is to have two handcart business likewise, small cliff is in buy when the car, dealt with move to register, its action sets accord with law, the legal fee that small cliff is this car person. Although had changed actually,be small strong, turn to small wave even, but because formally did not take lawful kind fair show, namely: Did not undertake property right is registered, do not have public letter power, do not produce the effectiveness that content adaptability in tactics moves consequently, because this court decides,car everybody remains small cliff.
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