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Two handcart evaluate case: 5 years Xiali 1.0L hand is moved
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Go up card time: In March 2005
New car purchases value: About 45 thousand
Current market price: About 39 thousand

Valence is poor: 6000
Secondhand assess value: 28 thousand
Devalue rate: About 38%
Comment on: Xiali car is accorded with retain estimate big, value feature of %26rdquo; of car of low %26ldquo; masses, the maintenance after carry out is very cheap also, because this belongs to one of popular cars on two handcart market, by the experienced the first time hand, car that drives car of blue manner and air advocate be doted on.
Note: Purchase valence to point to the value that purchases new car at the outset, market price points to current market to go up congener model price, total value all is the price that contain tax.

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