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Buy two handcart to need to be main standard in order to keep cost rate
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Reader yellow gentleman wants to buy the Kaimeirui that produced 2006, is the Kaimeirui that does not know to use two years in how much is the price of two handcart market? Should from what the respect contrasts is the choose and buy secondhand car? For this, he hit this column phone to seek advice.

With respect to the question that Mr Huang refers, the reporter consulted a column adviser yellow director. Yellow manager tells a reporter, customer is main when buying a car before will compare from respect of the function of the car, price, after service. But mature with each passing day as car market and buy car scale 2 times to rise, consumer is more and more rational also when buying new car, more comprehensive integration analysis often can undertake before making a choice, have car function, price, after service besides groovy sex ground quite besides, also begin to take %26ldquo; seriously to protect a value to lead %26rdquo; more and more this index. Nowadays, trade in two handcart in the market, no matter be buyer or bargainor,begin to favore the model with the high rate that keep a cost. Accordingly, the rate that keep a cost becomes a choose and buy likewise one of a of two handcart main factors. When consumer is buying two handcart, besides from the car besides, function, price undertakes comparative outside, return the rate keeping a cost of car of Lv of take an examination. Because keep cost rate,tall car means quality abiding and good, durable.

Analysis of two handcart expert thinks, balanced function, reliable quality, stable price, persistent popular, first-class service is to measure a car to whether preserve the element of the value, also be the cause that affects two handcart price. And Kaimeirui is known as in the %26rdquo; of %26ldquo; all-round champion of advanced car market, economy of show of outer form design, interior space, power, fuel, hold those who accuse gender, safe safeguard to wait for each respect to get broad customer to approbate. This practical to valueing two handcart purchaser, undoubted dispute often has appeal. And, kaimeirui appears on the market more than two years to come all the time the price is stable, and long classics market test, accumulative total work off many 30, in the user group in having very good public praise. And the channel of wide steam TOYOTA that manufacturer develops absolved a client to be opposite the trouble back at home of the after service after two handcart change the name of owner in a register. These elements are being affected secondhand Kaimeirui's price. If use car of two years,devalue 20% , so, the devalueing that uses Kaimeirui of two years is led be in 15% to 18% between. Accordingly, by at present the price of new car is the Kaimeirui on the market two hundred and twenty-six thousand eight hundred calculate to two hundred and sixty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, 06 secondhand Kaimeirui's price is in 190 thousand yuan probably 220 thousand yuan between. This price is equal to take out to the bargainor on the card enters a cost, luckily is not big. Although buyer buys now secondhand Kaimeirui's price is bit more expensive, but the performance of the car is steady, although used two years of resell to drop,still can sell a good price, the loss is not big also. It is good to protect a value to lead tall two handcarts nowadays sell, resembling the vehicle such as Fu Kang, elegant cabinet basically is to come to to sell. Accordingly, two handcart agency also likes to buy the car with the high rate that keep a cost. Kaimeirui appears on the market to have two years only up to now, already luck of a few triumphant beauty enters two handcart market recently, make two handcart market the most welcome in high-grade model car, also basically be to come to sell. Current and secondhand Kaimeirui is in secondhand market supply of goods is nervous, if Mr Huang decides to buy, can help choose.
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