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4, 5 years the car of car age suits but two handcart sell
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After driving a few years, can the maintenance expenses of car soar? Recently, our newspaper is combined yuan come to help, yuan rent wait for pair of Hangzhou cars advocate an investigation that have shows, travel love a car arrives 80 thousand to 100 thousand kilometer, also namely when the car is 45 years old, of car maintain upkeep costs will soar. But when to transfer optimal? Investigation shows, travel course of development and travel are restricted year after year already was not a car advocate transferring main reason, major car advocate transferring basically is the job that sees his and life demand.

Maintain when 80 thousand kilometer upkeep costs amounts to a height

As we have learned, new car every time maintain normally expenses expenses does not calculate tall, even if is 200 thousand yuan in high-grade model, do on average every time maintain, if change engine oil and machine filter, total prices also with respect to 300 ~ 500 yuan. Do with 5000 kilometers maintain periodic day department car is exemple, according to 1 year of travel 30 thousand kilometer of 20 thousand ~ , annual maintain normally also do not cross 2000 ~ 3000 yuan.

But use 56 years when car, also namely course of development of travel of illicit home car is achieved 80 thousand to 100 thousand kilometer when, maintenance expenses can rise considerably. Zhejiang 10 thousand countriesFordService manager Wu Kuizhong says, car is when 40 thousand kilometer, should do maintain in the round, when car travel course of development achieves 80 thousand kilometer, car needs to be done maintain greatly, change twice this oil of gear-box of antifreeze, automatic wave, brake and oil of the pump that help strength, need 339 yuan respectively.

Among them major model, picturePasate, Ao Di A6, to still need to change when 80 thousand kilometer when leather belt. Accordingly, after your love car uses 45 years, maintenance and the expense that maintain often are before annual two 3 times.

  Cannot measure upkeep costs will more

As the extension of travel course of development, fittings general in succession ageing, upkeep cost increases to also be become inevitable.

%26ldquo; passed twice to maintain greatly, also namely after car travel course of development exceeds 80 thousand kilometer, the fittings expense that a few blame maintain normally also will be increased. The personage inside %26rdquo; course of study expresses, the metropolis such as leakage of slack like water pump, oil seal rises more. With maintain normally price photograph is compared, these blame maintain normally fittings price defray often more.

The brake before resembling a car piece average life is in 50 thousand kilometer of 30 thousand ~ , but if often crowd an a section of a highway inside city,drive, or it is a car advocate did not drive goodly habit, brake piece life will shorten greatly. Be like relatively of economy
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