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Buy a car to want careful " low is secondhand car " short message decoy
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%26ldquo;xx group low sells this cropland, Feng Tian, Ao Di, BMW, run quickly wait for car of cross-country business affairs, intended person can contact with 13xxxxxxxxx king manager, the other place can send a car. %26rdquo;Recently, advance of the Fuzhou City installs Mr Lin of the area to get a such short messages. Because Mr Lin wants early to buy a car, tried to call the mobile phone number above then. The two hand car that then the head claims the person of king manager expresses to have all sorts of type sell the telephone call, the price is very low also, mr Lin some some mind disturbed.

After an argy-bargy, mr Lin and the other side agree in the phone, buy with 50 thousand yuan price secondhand Ao Di A6, can put forward to hope to see a car first when Mr Lin when, the vehicle that that person declares however returns outer land, want Mr Lin prepaid 500 yuan poundage, he just can carry the car to Fuzhou. After Mr Lin listens very indissoluble, did not see a car be about to collect money first, which have such thing. But if the car is dissatisfactory,the other side expresses however, poundage can be returned. Consideration repeatedly, mr Lin decides finally or should see a car first, pay again later. Opposite party is final with %26ldquo; you do not have sincerity %26rdquo; hang up phone. Subsequently, the author also called the connection number that keeps on Mr Lin mobile phone. Feign outfit promises down payment, the other side gave Zhang of an industrial and commercial bank number instantly, urgent as soon as possible remittance.

Through investigation, this kind of short message is simple belonging to is in bilk, normal channel cannot buy so cheap two handcart at all. The model that depicts according to place reachs car condition, place of the other side opens the value that give to all be less than market price 1/3, this is a strange thing really. The citizen that buys a car now is in gradually grow in quantity, many cheater use this kind of opportunity to move removed %26rdquo; of %26ldquo; crooked brain. Cheater follows a group of planes to send low to sell the bilk information of two handcart through mobile phone short message, once somebody swallows the bait, with paying first citizen remit money is lured for subscription. If the car is true, so antecedents has a problem for certain, this is a trap absolutely.

Police reminds: Two handcart are a kind of special commodity, consumer must ask to be clear about market level first, cannot because low-cost and temporarily actuation. Hope citizen increases be on guard consciousness, dike this kind of bilk, trade when two handcart especially the value is overt under market price when, should raise vigilance more, do not collect money toward other account easily without checking. If want to buy two handcart, must trade to normal two handcart the market undertakes, and should undertake car transfer ownership, do not buy the black car, car that cover a shop sign. If encounter case of this kind of bilk, should mirror actively to public security mechanism, clue.
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