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Engine static state must be made detect when buying two handcart
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A lot of evaluate division detecting when two handcart, car static state detects detect merely mostly automobile body and interior trim, detect to the static state of car engine often be ignored. In fact, the engine when two handcart detect detects except trends outside, the static state detects also is very important, detect through the static state a lot of problems that also can discover car, engine static state detects is the substantial that cannot ignore.

It is likewise important that the static state of engine detects and trends detects. Beijing gets gentleman the Gao Hongbo that international adviser consults limited company tells: It is likewise important that %26ldquo; engine trends detects and the static state detects, a lot of problems also can discover when the static state detects. %26rdquo;

Really, detect in two handcart in the process, of engine detecting is very important, it is just like the heart of the car, its stand or fall is very so big to the influence of car price, detecting want in the process particularly careful. Detect to the static state of engine, a few evaluate division classics regular meeting to ignore, and a few people that two handcart evaluate experience first, detect to engine static state the place that place should detect still is not very clear, a few crucial position are omited easily. For this, we sought advice a few advanced and secondhand the car evaluates division, knew the place that special attention needs when engine static state detects.

Open machine lid to want to check engine above all exterior and clean circumstance, if have a few oil stains and dirt,be normal, if dirt is overmuch, that car may wear away bigger, be like spotless, want special attention, the likelihood is a car advocate did attentive cleanness to cover a few news.

Of engine cover detecting also is Chongzhongzhi is weighed. It is very important that inside and outside detects, especially inside engine cover, if bonnet inside has trace of the lacquer that bake or spot welding appearance, volume abhorrent, that car has gone an accident probably.

Next, mouth of discretion of engine oil plane, color, lid also wants scrutiny. If oil level is exorbitant, demonstrative engine is serious blow-by or slack. Engine oil color detects usable white paper is wiped, if color blackens, it is normal to belong to; If be other facial expression,be abnormal phenomenon. There is a lid namely in the examination when the mouth, want to observe after to turn on cheers a lid its are bottom, if cheer top bottom to one is had sticky stiff brunet milk, still have as little as smeary compound water, below this kind of circumstance, engine is abnormal, the likelihood is a crock mat, crock is built or cylinder body has damage, in bringing about antifreeze infiltration engine oil, cause. If have this kind of circumstance happening, the engine oil that is polluted is caused to engine interior likely damage, engine may need to heavy repair, this is very big to the price impact of car.
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