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730Li of two handcart BMW evaluates case, the card on October 2005
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Go up card time: In October 2005
Platoon quantity: 3.0L
Color: Champagne

Referenced price: 798 thousand

Former plant configures: Hand from an organic whole 6 block detector of gear-box, rainfall, automatic headlight to control system, automatic air conditioning, car to carry computer, car to carry trends of deepfreeze, DSC stable control system, embryo pressing calls the police indicator light, engine explodes cylinder body of engine of shake control system, aluminium alloy.

Static appraisal: Look from the exterior, this car line is compact, lacquer face even and luster, bonnet and before between the headlight, grille that take energy of life join very close, motor line is orderly, dustproof, sound insulation maintains very well. Although had had 3 years of car age, but interior trim still appears air is luxurious, dial of dermal seat, appearance maintains so that also reach the designated position. Chassis has partial position to discover a few subtle nick, nevertheless, belong to normal limits. After postmortem tire, gnaw fetal trace without discovery, aluminium alloy hub keeps in good condition.

Dynamic appraisal: After the engine that start, feel noise is very little, 6 fast hands cooperate to comparative from gear-box of an organic whole tacit, shift gears process is unusual smooth-going. Sex of car travel tracking is very outstanding, it is normal that each component trends behaves the others.

Comment on integratedly: Use the age more than 3 years like this car, car all sorts of conditions are fundamental not as big as new car difference, belong to high grade and secondhand car, integrated appraisal evaluates the price to be 798 thousand yuan.

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