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Buy secondhand guide of Olympic Games car
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On August 17, in market of Ya Yun Cun two handcart area, 130 models overcome wind of cup of GL8, gold, luck to fasten 3 Olympic Gameses begin to accept a society to book with business affairs car; To September 1, this batch of cars had been booked entirely go out. It is reported, this batch of cars are the Olympic Games Organizing Committee in entrusting, ambitious prosperous car serves a company to be purchased centrally before the Olympic Games, basically use at waiting for offerred rear service to serve special vehicle for reporter of each district media, relevant administrator, government organization.

%26ldquo; in half month, we many 130 Olympic Games two handcart sell work off entirely. All clients are to be in what did not see be booked below the case that shows a car. %26rdquo; is in in Mr Yuan that ambitious prosperous car serves a company to make a sale tells %26quot; investor signs up for %26quot; reporter.
The price is equal similar and secondhand car

Current Olympic Games basically divides composition by 3 ministries with the car, it is the car that car of car sponsor masses offers, among them, have one steam popular Ao Di, stride vacate, fast vacate, the beetle that masses China offers, brightness vacate wait for entrance car, the Pasate that Shanghai masses offers, road is installed, Si Ke is amounted to, always more than 5000; 2 it is the special car that service company purchases centrally, for instance 130 when book first reception that do not overcome wind of cup of GL8, gold, luck to belong to this kind; 3 it is the Olympic Games Organizing Committee is passed short-term rented car, the edge has the renting company such as a steam here, gross exceeds 1000. Look on the whole, the Olympic Games exceeds 7000 with car gross.

As we have learned, this is secondhand 130 cars that the market sells are a car manufacturing company is special and contributory use to the Olympic Games. After the Olympic Games ends, the property right of these cars still should put in a sponsor 's charge originally all, by assistance company proper motion is handled. But be in early this year in April, ambitious prosperous car serves a company to produced an enterprise to sign an agreement with these in, stop car of these 130 Olympic Gameses put in a banner 's charge to fall, appetent zero work off goes to the sale channel that he carries after waiting for an Olympic Games to take over.

Mr Yuan tells " investor signs up for " , %26ldquo; the batch of this batch of cars is bigger, it is more difficult that him enterprise is handled. And whole buys us, signed secret agreement with an inferior value, although in order to compare market price slightly small price sale goes out, we also can earn price difference. %26rdquo;

Look from the price, what this approves two handcart and do not go up than the market is congener and secondhand the car is inexpensive how many. %26ldquo;GL8 a present carry out price it is 182 thousand yuan, it is same that with the market those use two handcart price of a year. But this batch of cars used ten days actually on the Olympic Games namely, use kilometer is counted namely 89 kilometers. On two handcart market, even if the time that uses car of a day to also want to press one year comes depreciation, the person that buys this kind of car is compared relatively appropriate. %26rdquo;
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