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7250g of edition of scuttle of the 2.5g that fasten a gram is luxurious model
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Type of two handcart brand: Edition of scuttle of the 2.5G that fasten a gram - 7250G is luxurious model | The price: 9.00 10 thousand yuan | Go up card time: 2002 | Trade place: Lot? Guilin | Issue date: 2008-9-9
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- Guilin does not overcome 7250G of 2.5G scuttle edition luxurious model click enlarge
Car condition introduces
The car 2 years June, the metal is argent. All formalities are all ready, car boat duty already bought.V6 2.5 machine this year, automatic archives, oily bad news is long-distance 8 litres or so, air conditioning leaves not to exceed 11 litres inside city, for this platoon quantity very the province is oily. Double deck is dynamoelectric scuttle, . . .
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