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Feng Tian------Camry of entrance abundant cropland is secondhand the car is deta
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Guangxi- - Nanning city Secondhand Feng Tian------Import abundant cropland Camry , the face is discussed , former outfit imports abundant cropland Camry, outfit of former former outfit does not have whole vehicle accident, car condition is top-ranking, the exterior is top-ranking. Car inside and outside 9 into new. Highest configuration, 4 gasbag, scuttle, 12 dish CD. Dynamoelectric heat. . . . . . . . . . . Formalities is all ready but change the name of owner in a register. Contact 1. . .
Release time: 2008-9-14 Contact means: Million?nbsp; 13877198202
Guangxi- - cropland of Nanning city abundant------Camry of entrance abundant cropland clicks enlarge

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