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Hai Fuxing depreciates F3 of nick platinum edition
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On August 30, lucky star of sea horse sea [quote picture] fall greatly 10 thousand, on September 3, biyadi F3 platinum edition appears on the market, low end is compact model two large main force send car market in succession force, the kind that is their choice only is different, one is to depreciate one is to push new, look from current condition nevertheless, depreciating Haifuxingbi pushs new F3 to have an advantage more.

Low match low to let Biyadi the competitive muscularity of F3 platinum edition sells at a discount

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From the price, biyadi F3 appears more competitive, thirdly the price of paragraph model is respectively practical model fifty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, control model sixty-six thousand eight hundred yuan, luxurious model seventy thousand eight hundred yuan, but if read its configuration sheet, you can discover, the low of F3 platinum edition is low of a kind of bogus actually.

Of introductory class control edition although price has fifty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan only, but its configuration is decreased too too unusual, these the basiccest safe configuration cannot offer ABS + EBD, safe gasbag, commonly used dynamoelectric door window, dynamoelectric rearview mirror also cannot be offerred unexpectedly, f3 is practical so low configuration is become really hard practical name.

If be the consumer that pays close attention to him life safety, can select price only taller control model luxurious perhaps model. Price sixty-six thousand eight hundred yuan control model the respect is configured in safety, make a person very hard satisfactory likewise, compare merely on safe configuration practical model much gave ABS, gasbag of safety of passenger of in front of still cannot be offerred, to consistent with tall configuration for celebrated own brand car, f3 what go up in configuration is miserly and honest let a person be accepted hard.

Price seventy thousand eight hundred yuan luxurious model, can make a person satisfactory eventually on configuration, gasbag of double safety of ABS EBD, in front of, biyadi matchs eventually neat some this basic and safe configuration. But the affiliation that waits for around configuration because of dynamoelectric scuttle, dermal seat, the price of this car rises many, lost low dominant position.

After the price, configuration is comparative see not hard, what F3 platinum edition decides Biyadi actually is low of a bogus. Although its fifty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan introduction price is very competitive, but low unusual naked car configuration lets a person be accepted hard really. If be the consumer that pays attention to safety, want to choose F3 platinum edition to must consider price the model of sixty-six thousand eight hundred yuan of above, and this price, become after Hai Fuxing depreciates without competition ability.
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