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New in September car in succession war of price of mount a horse acts more jump
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In September at the beginning, 08 Kaimeirui [quote picture] with Biyadi F3 platinum edition namely start shooting " Jin Jiuyin 10 " artillery piece of new car head, subsequently, le Feng [quote picture] 1.4 vigor edition, " group power abstruse [quote picture] · is thick " edition of set limit to, the Big Dipper [quote picture] " edition of set limit to " also roll out in succession, and 08 Mengdiou that just just announce the price [quote picture] the focus of advanced car city in also was being become. In the favourable respect of old money model, the privilege that most agency continues to enlarge a model comes in gold more market share are striven for in sale period, and before the model condition that requires the sale that increase price also is improved somewhat.

08 Kaimeirui

On August 31, 2007 Guangzhou abundant cropland 08 Kaimeirui appear on the market, the price of 5 models and old money keep consistent, to be 19.78-26.98 10 thousand yuan. The 240V that additionally 08 Kaimeirui increase and 200G Navi two model criterion on September 3 it is to appear on the market, the price mixes two hundred and thirty-seven thousand eight hundred yuan for two hundred and fifty-one thousand eight hundred yuan respectively. Compare with 07 Kaimeirui, 08 Kaimeirui abounded configuration, of all model before door all was strengthened prevent the structure that hits pole, aggrandizement side door prevents those who hit pole to fight concussion ability, and increased engine to decorate a cover, g model mark matched side gasbag, side to enrage shade, promote the active safety of car and passive security further, increased to drive the safety that faces all sorts of dangerous and difficult road by personnel to ensure coefficient. It is reported, at present Guangzhou agency is in what already had 08 Kaimeirui to show a car to arrive inn, the condition that valence sale increases before is fundamental nonexistent.

Car picture

Biyadi F3 platinum edition

On September 3 Biyadi edition of F3 1.5L platinum appears on the market formally, the author from Biyadi contest of car dealer Guangzhou nots [quote picture] specialize in inn to understand, the model car of edition of F3 1.5L platinum has been revealed inside this inn exhibition hall, accept formally at present book, among them practical model fifty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, control model sixty-six thousand eight hundred yuan, luxurious model sixty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan. The 07 new fund F3 before F3 platinum edition is mixed are the most apparent is engine, changed present 4G15S by 4G18 of original 3 water chestnut, platoon quantitative change but dynamical output is changeless, most high-power amounts to 78kw/rpm, deserve to go up the electric gush of newest generation manages technology of lean mixture combustion of MVV perpendicular backset, Deerfu systematic MT20U2, in make sure driving dynamic also develops his better at the same time the character of low oily cost, low pollution, what engine became platinic edition is main sell a site.
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