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Replace passivity of old standard car to install brigadier of full new bid to co
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Analyse company statistic according to the car, 4 national levels that involve car security began to seek an opinion this year in September. These 4 cars are safe kind the standard is: Condition of technology of security of school bus of compulsive standard, pupil and seat reach car interior and nation of exterior and bulgy content fixed technical requirement. Among them before two are national mandatory standard, old standard will be replaced to carry out after new standard is passed.

To the new standard of car interior and exterior and bulgy content, basically be to was aimed at a few new component that the car that uses now adds to undertake formulary addition, if increased,reach the requirement that separates a system to system of electric car window, coping. Analytic personage thinks, these 4 cars are safe of kind of relative standard carry out the safe whole performance that will improve homebred car and school bus further, perfect system of car security standard further

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