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Fuel tax tax rate should not add 10-35% under the 80% expenditure that use a car
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90 dollars are felt on international oil price / bucket, chinese government put forth effort is advanced " energy-saving decrease a platoon " new politics the moment of truth, the fuel tax issue that considers be as long as 10 years makes the central point that people pays close attention to once more recently. The sound that gives out from relevant section is knowable, of fuel tax carry out drawing near increasingly it seems that. So, once fuel tax begins to collect, what kind of effect can you produce to car line of business?

How to maintain Chinese car line of business to develop moderately continuously already, ensure implementation is energy-saving again at the same time the overall objective that decreases a platoon? The change is opposite at present the use means of the car, reduce the use frequency of the car appropriately with economic method, make inevitable choice. This can'ts help letting people deliver the view to what consider be as long as 10 years again long, and be the maturity that the developed country carries out for managing the sources of energy, current practice -- , fuel tax plan. The seventeenth times in the Chinese Communist countrywide representing can go up, xie Xu of minister of Ministry of finance's person shows: The country will be timely roll out fuel tax, reform resource tax system. So, once implement fuel tax policy formally, what kind of effect can you produce to car line of business?

Will look first at present home is adopted exclusively " kind fuel tax system " the condition that Hainan omits. Hainan province is asked for at leaving on January 1, 1994 " fuel surtax " , mix pike of highway conserve cost, road, cost crossing the bridge namely carriage administration fee " 4 cost syncretic " , instead imposes fuel surtax only, becoming the throughout the country also is the area that implements this one fee exclusively so far first most. This is concerned with the special situation of Hainan on one hand, on the other hand, hainan serves as China the biggest " special zone " , its are pilot the demonstrative sense that has a typical case to will be being popularized in the whole nation henceforth. Surtax rate is in the fuel that at present Hainan saves about 30% the left and right sides, look from the circumstance that carries out actually, collect benefit of fuel surtax it may be said to be more than fraud.

So, if future pursues fuel tax system in countrywide limits, can you appear what kind of circumstance? Assume above all: After executive fuel tax, consider onlyRaise travelling expenses
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