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Wagon privilege horse of 40 thousand suggestion 6 series more depreciates space
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Ma Zida 6 Wagon once was expressed great expectations by manufacturer, but market report lets Ma Zida be bitterly disappointed however. After appear on the market, this journey car is in the brim of the market all the time, far not as good as picture of average quote of Ma Zida 6[] car more suffer bestow favor on, this also is Ma Zida 6 Wagon becomes Ma Zida 6 familial the first depreciates substantially the reason of the model.

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Equestrian 6Wagon privilege contains sales promotion and clear reserve dual-purpose

Look from the sales volume of before this year 7 months, ma Zida the performance of 6 is not excellent, besides lunar sales volume exceeded 5 January 1000 outside can making a person more satisfactory, did not receive satisfactory expression in additionally 6 months. The sales volume that this has 4 months among them has 3 only 1000. July, model of support the whole line substantially depreciate, the horse amounted to 6 ability reluctance to hand over 4400 outstanding achievement oneself. New fund horse is amounted to oneself 6 be about to appear on Frankfurt, at present homebred horse is amounted to oneself 6 also arrived really library of this Qing Dynasty when, and this among them of course with familial in suffer least of all bestow favor on Ma Zida 6 Wagon of course be the first to be affected.

Equestrian 6Wagon privilege will drive a horse to amount to 6 prices system to reduce oneself

In 4S inn privilege 40 thousand later, the price of Ma Zida 6 Wagon has two hundred and six thousand eight hundred yuan only, had amounted to 6 litter to run oneself under the horse the price of 2.3 litres of models, from this agency depreciate considerably on, we also saw prospective horse amounts to the hope that 6 litter run to depreciate substantially oneself, because be in Euramerican market, the price of Ma Zida 6 Wagon is Ma Zida 6 familial in the model with top price.

It is with American market exemple, amount to price of model of 3 6 version to be respectively oneself with the horse for 2.3 litres, price of 3 compartment edition nineteen thousand seven hundred and twenty-five dollar, price of litter plate shifting twenty-one thousand three hundred and twenty-five dollar, viatic edition price twenty-four thousand seven hundred and eighty-five dollar. And in home market, the official price that Ma Zida gives out before also continues really this kind of system, the price of model of 3 kinds of version that matchs for 2.3 litres of tops together is respectively, 3 compartment edition two hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred yuan, litter plate shifting is mixed two hundred and thirty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan viatic edition two hundred and forty-six thousand eight hundred yuan. Consult the price system of American market discovers not hard, experienced equestrian 6Wagon privilege after 40 thousand yuan activity, whole horse amounts to 6 departments oneself [quote picture] the price interval that lists a model will be reduced, the author thinks the horse amounts to 6 litter racing bike oneself [quote picture] should be the next depreciates model.
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