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Near future of this Guangzhou of cropland series model takes east wind situation
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Although the model that this field place produces east wind does not have Guangzhou the model of this cropland is much, have CR only - V and consider region two, but these two models are not differred in the expression in the market at Guangzhou an any models of this cropland, CR - V and considering the region performance in respective competition limits is very pretty good, had gone first half of the year 2007 nowadays, new CR looks in light of us - V and consider region near future of these two models is in Guangzhou car city go situation.

Picture of new CR-V[quote] appear on the market formally on April 21 this year, it carried 2.0L/2.4L I-VTEC to rise I-VTEC engine, the greatest horse power 166, the biggest torque 218 oxen rice, average oil bad news is 10.2 litres / 100 kilometers. New CR-V shares 3 models, 2.0EXI blocks price automatically to be two hundred and seventeen thousand eight hundred yuan, 2.4VTI blocks price automatically to be two hundred and thirty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, the top matchs 2.4VTI-S to block price automatically to be two hundred and fifty-two thousand eight hundred yuan. In exterior respect, the design style of new CR-V is younger change, motion is changed, the flank line of automobile body emphasizes illicit of its appropriate fair appropriate more " two-phase appropriate " brand-new fixed position, more incline to car is changed. It is reported, new generation CR-V got since appear on the market the heat of broad consumer is held in both hands, add produce can limitation, created the appearance of new CR-V out of stock. Handle the sentence that book in Guangzhou agency at present, need 3-4 lunar ability is mentioned show a car, nevertheless this cropland plans east wind to allow the product line of model of the part that consider region CR-V, because this is new,CR-V tightens hopeful of spruce the circumstance that offer money to get alleviating.

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Anew the fixed position of CR-V and price look, road is gotten the better of [quote picture] , Xin Shengda [quote picture] He Fengtian RAV4 still is its adversary. The relation between Feng Tian RAV4 and CR-V as elegant cabinet [quote picture] with Kaimeirui [quote picture] the relation between, come round to say the competition between these two models returns beautiful without elegant Ge Hekai luck in eye nevertheless so intense, after all RAV4 is entrance sale, CR-V is homebred already good old, 10 thousand yuan price compares the carry out 33-37 of Feng Tian RAV4 new CR-V tower above is close 100 thousand yuan, new CR-V will take absolutely advantage in the competition that can say these two models are current. East wind this cropland hopes the 3rd acting CR-V will be original the comfortable sex union of the characteristic of SUV and car rises, open up territory of market of fractionize of a new city SUV, and east wind end Qi weighs this field general manager completely, after trend car is changed, the lieutenant general of competitor detailed list of new CR-V adds Kaimeirui, elegant cabinet these intermediate names. SUV car is changed and not be to say to want to reduce its to exceed wild performance, basically be to reduce oil bad news and increase comfortable sex, manufacturer expectation new CR-V has one time with car market in business affairs as, because of this no matter be exhibited in Shanghai car or appear on the market the spot all adopts the black with business affairs thicker flavour. The price of new CR-V is 21.78-25.28 10 thousand yuan, the price of 6 models is 07 elegant cabinet 19.98-29.98 10 thousand yuan, kaimeirui's price is 19.78-26.98 10 thousand yuan, 3 person although comparative,be close to in price respect, but whether can be new CR-V grabbed advanced car market still has need checking test in the beach.
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