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Ming Rui 1.6 appear on the market " billows not Jing " expect to depreciate insi
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On August 28, shanghai masses announced Si Ke to amount to Ming Rui [quote picture] the price of 1.6 litres of models, as its 4 models: The hand moves ease to send edition one hundred and twenty-four thousand nine hundred yuan, the hand is sent from ease of an organic whole edition one hundred and thirty-six thousand nine hundred yuan, the hand moves edition of ease be an official one hundred and thirty-four thousand nine hundred yuan, the hand is automatic one hundred and forty-six thousand nine hundred yuan price publishs edition of be an official of ease of an organic whole, with fast vacate [quote picture] , the Fox, mainstream sell like hot cakes that thinks of region to be a delegate is compact model the car can be free from anxiety temporarily eventually come down. The author thinks, to Shanghai masses, ming Rui 1.6 lost price competition ability.

When a new Che Ganggang is rolled out, we discuss it when to depreciate, it is a very awkward thing, but compare with the photograph of car of sell like hot cakes that is the same as level, ming Rui 1.6 it seems that obligate depreciate too much space, such result is to appear on the market to depreciate before long likely very sales promotion.

Adversary one: "The brother that be the same as the door " fast vacate the price and safe dominant position apparent

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Attentive consumer notices certainly, on Ming Rui's conduct propaganda classics regular meeting mentions character of masses PQ35 platform, Germany to wait for a word, but the Ming Rui that compares European market, it is little still the 3rd, also be a the most important, "Czech price " . Be in Europe, ming Rui (Europe calls Ou Ya) it is cheap and fine pronoun, this Czech is compact model although the car is in brand, with on makings not as good as golf [quote picture] V or fast vacate (Europe calls nimble to amount to [quote picture] ) , but not little advantage is had on the price; And went to China the market, ming Rui desertioned however oneself the largest dominant position, namely the price. Although its PQ35 platform blood relationship still is in, character is really enough also German flavour, but regretful is, there still is a true German car on the market -- the masses fast vacate.
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