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Wo Erwo C30 appears on the market MINI Cooper direct press press
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To whether be China in BMW and Ao Di the market rolls out both sides compact model car and when wandering, wo Erwo is one-up a money that rolled out a banner to fall is compact model] of picture of quote of C30[of both sides car. Although more than 350 thousand yuan social status does not poor, but mix in the appeal force of Chinese market with Wo Erwo brand vogue uses the external form of feeling, the market performance of C30 still is worth to expect.

Wo Erwo makes BMW MINI big sell at a discount

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Before the world on Wo Erwo C30, the market is consumed in domestic individual character, consumer cannot buy true luxurious car, masses beetle, Xue Tielong C4, Ou Baoya is special [quote picture] although cheap, but their brand recognizes degree of value that persuades consumer very hard to spend 250 thousand yuan of above them in income bursa, and the requirement that the occurrence of BMW MINI Cooper satisfied this part customer. In China a lot of people do not know MINI is a brand that BMW group buys only, concern without any blood relationship, a lot of people are puzzled by the title place of BMW MINI, think this is car of a BMW.

MINI is British brand at first, because be bought by BMW,just evolve into BMW MINI in Chinese market so, an England brand turned Germany into luxurious brand from this, let its 300 thousand yuan price become seemingly reasonable. Buy a big toy to those wanting, but buy BMW Z4 to show demanding person a bit again for, MINI Cooper is a pretty good substitute really.

Cross rich and powerful family to differ with MINI, wo Erwo C30 can be an authentic Wo Erwo car. Although be in Europe and North America market, photograph of Wo Erwo brand compares BMW, run quickly to still have difference a bit, but such brand of prep above MINI is affirmation, they in the price of European native place very good also report gives this differentia to be apart from.

Be in Germany, wo Erwo C30 1.6 promotes a model start the price is nineteen thousand one hundred euro, the price of C30 2.5T model that enters Chinese market is as high as twenty-nine thousand two hundred and fifty euro. Watch MINI instead, the MINI ONE price of introductory class does not cross fifteen thousand eight hundred and fifty euro, the MINI Cooper price that enters Chinese market does not cross seventeen thousand eight hundred euro, having the difference of 1300 euro with the C30 of introductory class, the price difference with C30 2.5T is to be as high as eleven thousand four hundred and fifty euro more. If the price system according to German market is computative, the C30 price on home market is far many more honest and kind than MINI Cooper.
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