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Vehicle failure of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine of overhaul o
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"Mountain fastness factory " vehicle failure of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine

A technical personnel discloses some maintenance factory, factory of a few maintenance turns round to solicit more guest, use a few " black action " cheat consumer. When changing engine oil to engine for example, white sugar is placed inside engine, bring about engine to appear because of warming up quickly " burn a crock " breakdown. Perhaps spill salt to antifreeze, bring about corrode box, cause cistern damage.

This personage discloses, their commonly used intrigue is after making motion, tell customer some component is about to go out

Show an issue, remind a car advocate take care. Waited for a problem to appear really, car advocate still think technology of maintenance technology personnel is good, after occurrence breakdown send automatically come to maintain. According to introducing, this kind of black action can not be in the problem discovers in detecting commonly, consumer should not go to a few miniature maintenance factories that do not understand a situation to undertake detecting as far as possible car, caution became medium maintain a factory " interlink is covered " .

Ailment overhaul often builds engine

Spoffish, ailment overhaul is steam repairs a factory to earn key of profit of high specified number, frequent overhaul engine becomes a lot of intrigue that repair a factory to deceive people. Chen Peihua introduces, as production level rise, start the service life of mechanical component to already was lengthened greatly, driving normally below the condition, the possibility of overhaul engine is very little. Generally speaking, the mechanical component of engine is durable the gender is very strong, use fixed number of year is controlled in 10 years. To maintaining the view of the overhaul engine that the factory offers, should give vigilant. A few undesirable unscrupulous merchant just may help you change an air flow transducer to perhaps nod igneous coil, saying is overhaul engine, receive you 18 thousand yuan.

Because of most car advocate not quite know maintenance knowledge, some maintenance factories used this just about and confuse right and wrong. Car advocate finish every time detect after the report, the cool expression that technical working personnel often can look cold and indifferent with a kind tells you car condition, tell you accident of likelihood occurrence safety next, long do not repair decide by yourself. If car drives to did not appear apparent problem, consumer must not be duped, best can drive the car to another to maintain a dot to undertake many times detecting.
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