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Torturous car recall makes: Your call together, or not call together?
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"You are enrolled, still do not enrol? " this is a classical trial dialogue, character person be how strong.

"Your call together, or not call together? " it isCar

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The near future, already hadFeng Tian

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Safe dimension is spent have how old, is it the measure with only recall? Feng Tian is to the official statement of recall of acute annals nonperformance: "The ooze oil that produces this is the problem of a few ooze oil, won't produce the situation of attaint engine function. REIZ acute annals matchs inductor of stock engine oil, pressure to warn a system, if produce many leakage oily situation, admonitory system will hint, inform user happening unusual, won't bring about worst result. Car undertakes maintaining regularly normally, all can discover this problem in time and can get handling. This problem won't bring about car to be put in safe hidden trouble, the travel that does not involve car is safe, policy is mixed related basis country regulation, Cropland of one steam abundant
Express 1Abundant cropland car
Serial number Manufacturer name Model Blemish component Place assembly Have without complain Carry out case stop date Involve an amount
1 Abundant cropland car (China) limited company Pu Rui this, Corollaceous Turn to intermediate axis to reach the slip intensity that dial fork Change direction / suspension Have 2006-06-25 ~ 2007-06-30 96
2 Abundant cropland car (China) limited company LEXUSLeikesasi Safety belt of seat of in front of Automobile body part Without 2006-06-05 ~ 2007-06-30 1113