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Oneself start work let engine " allay a fever " -- interlocution of car radiator
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Editor's note: Start pilot time overheat to be put in the danger of cruel crock, want to avoid the happening of this kind of abominable breakdown, radiator must work normally. The article is the ABC that tells you radiator through the form of interlocution, teach you how to be judged at the same time and start work a few little trouble that resolve radiator.


Car radiator

What is the action of radiator?
When actuate a car when, the enough of quantity of heat that engine produces destroys car itself. Because a cooling system was installed to protect it to avoid damage to kill on this car, make engine is in proper temperature limits inside. Radiator is the body of cooling system, the purpose is the destruction that protective engine avoids to be caused because of overheat. The principle of radiator is to use cold air to drop the cooling fluid temperature that engine comes from inside radiator. Radiator has two main component, the radiator that comprises by small-sized and flat tube piece, and overflow canister (in radiator piece upside, bottom or two side) .

Why to need to understand radiator somewhat?
Of cooling system occurrence issue basically is 5 years or the car of 5 years of above, they may produce a problem when expect is less than. Exposed for a long time in the environment that because these use the car with longer time,has damaged cooling system in the likelihood, the salinity in be like marine air, salinity on road, fragment and other and chemical material can destroy radiator piece metallic stuff, and radiator piece the immediate consequence that is destroyed brings about engine overheat namely, and overheat makes engine hour existence explodes the danger of the crock.

How to safeguard radiator?
The radiator with basic understanding safeguards knowledge to the car advocate for it is indispensable. Sky of should fixed platoon, clean and fill refrigeration system, so that complement antifreeze intermixture, prevent to gather dust and happen corrode (dust and the function that corrode meeting influence car damage engine) . When maintaining cooling system, need to examine all tube and radiator lid, the word of need gets off them. Maintain cooling system very necessary to prolonging the life of engine.

How does four-wheel drive affect engine refrigeration?
Below four-wheel drive condition, because engine pressure is greater, more pressure allocated on radiator. Stress of this kind of engine can bring about overheat normally. The quantity of heat that the cooling system of four-wheel drive car sends out is enough heat the building of two moderate volume. Too great pressure plus higher temperature, common radiator may malfunction at any time. Via what improve radiator can ensure engine runs below peak value, reduce the risk of overheat. Car classics a few changes his costume or dress or can not install a variety of improvement via changing one's costume or dress even model radiator, they are OK as perfect as car cooperate.
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