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Rise drive search greatly by articles for use of automobile of comfortable estiv
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Midsummer already arrived, how to drop the temperature inside the car, rise drive by easy measurable? Go turning to market of car adornment hairdressing circuit, to his love the car adds equipment of a few sunstroke prevention.


The car that introduces semiconductor principle carries freezer, basically be cold heat is amphibious. The summer uses refrigeration means, put the food drink after refrigeration, the effect will be better. The car carries freezer norms

Diversiform, portable and fashionable.

Market price case: 385-585 yuan

Pluvial enemy

When rainfall is too big although open rain is brushed implement also can affect line of vision of drive a vehicle, and full rainwater still can be hanged on window of two side car and viewfinder. Use " pluvial enemy " kind product spray is outside car pane side, when rain, no matter be before windscreen glass or side window line of sight can become very clear, pluvial bead adheres to very hard in glass apparently.

Market price case: 52-85 yuan

High-powered rain is blown piece

The summer is rainy, a pair of good rain is blown can let you drive in wet the view that keeps good. If your rain that loves a car blows the rainwater that cannot blow clean windscreen to go up, so change a pair of high-powered rain to blow piece. Good rain is blown used special talent to be designed with the structure character, some still designed double deck to blow even piece, assure to make your eye shot clear.

Market price case: 65-340 yuan

Windscreen sunshade board

If the summer parks the car,be outdoor, in sunshine insolate below, the temperature of the car interior of car window lock will lift quickly to 559 Celsius taller even, high temperature has to dashboard, dermal seat damage. Sunshade of convenient folding windscreen board the sunshine that can reflex great majority, when short time jockeys, maintain it particularly effective.

Market price case: 50-100 yuan

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