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Sun film is not Yue Guiyue good
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Key word: Sun film

To be warm, the car that sticks film is increasing also, but velar price differs however very far, go to thousands of yuan from hundreds of yuan. Technician of the blessing that occupy friend is young fat divulge, the treatment craft cardinal principle of explosion proof film is same, sticking film is not Yue Guiyue good.

According to introducing, to achieve the adiabatic, wear-resisting, result that reflexes ultraviolet ray, interior of explosion proof film added the metallic composition such as titanium nickel and ultraviolet reflex agent. The adiabatic rate that the businessman gives out, light transmittance can serve as reference, but use the effect actually to still have difference. The choice sticks film to answer from the quality that stick film, assure

Card proceed with.

Small fat say, fast especially super before the quality that blocks film is higher, lifelong protect qualitative, price is 2300 yuan. If choose " before film of the automobile body that block film seals glair hairdressing " the formula that stick film is more substantial.

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