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After notable car window insolates, sorching summer do not stick film
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Key word: Stick film to maintain

To be warm, inside the car hotter, on period we were told stick film to come to the car cool and refreshing estivate, but often hear a businessman to allege when sticking film stick this film heat insolation to lead 70 % , light transmittance 80 % are waited a moment, are these data how come? How should we check concrete result again? In addition, what problem should note when sticking film to the car?

Adiabatic effect tests a standard

There is an instrument in general store, most at least also should have an infrared ray to check the lamp, it is infrared bulb adds shade, we can stick film on glass first, put the light in one side, the hand is put in other one side, the adiabatic effect that will feel film how. If do not have infrared ray to check the lamp, OK the glass that sticking car film together is put on lamp of an iodic tungsten, with above the adiabatic effect that same way will come to feel film.

Foreword of senior engineer of the risk that stick film is exquisite much

Sticking film is the operation of high risk. Because be blocked before a lot of cars,glass is blocked to differ somewhat after mixing, heat insolation and heat conduction also can differ somewhat, if stick when exert oneself to do sth. quite, change degree to differ plus some glass reinforced plastics, glass is likely and dissilient.

Stick to decrease explode rate, the process that sticks film is very important. Say commonly, what car glass must hold before sticking film is clean, can use not cottony cloth commonly from do wet, from the top down to be wiped clean, wipe vitreous margin again.

After sticking film, do not be eager to air conditioning, do not insolate, do not go the glass of motor-car window. If there is mirage, Shui Wen on glass or bleb, the inn that must stick film to you is handled.

Notable is, the vehicle that sets a day below the sun cannot stick film. In addition, the car glass that just had changed had better stick film one week later again.

"Examine colour watchs scene " differentiate actor bad

After the car is sticking film, want to maintain definition above all. No matter be color depth of film, high grade film should be in in nightly definition 6m above, and inferior film can have hazy feeling. As to color, the dye of high grade film is confluence is in car film, wear well, become angry not easily, in stickup process classics scraper besmear is blown also won't decolour. And the color of inferior film is in glue, blow with fingernail after the liner that tears apart car film, color is dropped, sometimes color still can fall off by oneself, this kind of film has after about one year fade apparently trace.
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