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Summer drives to notice tyre pressure of drive a vehicle is attached most import
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Key word: Tire becomes flat maintain

At the beginning of April, bright gentleman is opening the citizen oneself car becomes flat suddenly when the travel on the freeway, be Ied hope he just should play high speed at that time, speed has been decelerated, avoided the happening of an accident. Discover via detecting later, tyre has aerated sufficient, road surface temperature is elevatory, add long high speed travel causes an embryo to press exorbitant, the air temperature inside the embryo lifts quickly subsequently, bring about finally become flat.

Latter, high temperature tide is bullish, much dirt, rainy also will come over along with season. Here, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior horse of advanced maintenance technician

Broad car friend reminds in call together, the weather is hot, car advocate people drive more to expend mug-up.

Tyre pressure is attached most importance to especially should

"Tyre pressure is in commonly 2.2, it is normal to be between 2.5 1000 handkerchieves, exceed this number to be about bring to sb's attention. " equestrian master points out, 20 degrees of or so general embryoes when spring are pressed maintain in 2.3 1000 handkerchief, but the temperature escalate that reachs road surface as air temperature, high speed is long-distance perhaps travel, fetal pressing rises very easily, and cause easily become flat, for safety, car advocate jockey with respect to this right now step-down.

"Especially the summer is coming, road surface temperature achieves the likelihood 60 - 70 Celsius, if fetal pressing is exorbitant,the car is in on the road, the weak point that comes up against tire a little becomes flat very easily. So the car keeps better in the fetal pressure ratio of 2.2 1000 handkerchief. So the car keeps better in the fetal pressure ratio of 2.2 1000 handkerchief..

"So high temperature drive a vehicle, must notice to often check fetal pressing, car advocate can maintain a station to detect via haunt. " equestrian master says. Still need to notice nevertheless, after hot weather travel, do not be eager to rinsing tire, because tire is long-term as tall as temperature of ground surface contact, suffer cold water concussion suddenly, make fetal wall is out of shape easily or inhomogenous, and cold the package also can have all round the fetal wall that shrink, bring about become flat.

Warm-up of 5 minutes of air conditioning

Equestrian master thinks, do not have use air conditioning for a long time, had better shift to an earlier date 5 minutes in use early days warm-up. In the meantime, often clean condenser even, the effect it may not be a bad idea of such air conditioning.
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