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Play says " Chibi " as male as 5 star " most ascend right " drive
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Top-ranking star, top-ranking director, top-ranking playwrite, top-ranking make, " Chibi " be destined will be a movie that makes a person fix eyes upon most this year. And in this quintessential man sport, the largest window and hotspot still are among them male star of course people expression. The main male star in appearing in this has 5, and each can block one side alone, be by no means aimlessly, the filmgoer catch the whole lot in an action of all sorts of taste!

Perhaps because of such, luxurious car brand the royal first show ceremony that Kaidilake supports bend condition this to be held in Shanghai. And Kaidilake the car is star all along people the star brand that dote on, this " Chibi " although 5 medium male stars have an opportunity to sit Kaidilake's car attends first show ceremony, but are they respective with Kaidilake which model most does can match? We might as well come a play say, as a before film is shown formally appetizing cole, had laughed to stop:

Liang Chaowei

Disposition feature: Silent, frowsty coquettish

Act a part: Zhou Yu

Look like very silent Liang Chaowei to have a typical case " frowsty coquettish " feature: The eyes of the be ignorant of of gentle of corners of the mouth that bad laugh. Acting all sorts of flour successfully all the time small unripe, this Zhou Yu is not exceptional also. Inside Kaidilake's model, CTS is young and fashionable, SLS is surpassed power formal, business affairs, SRX freedom, optional, triumphant thunder De Zehou heavy, honour evil spirit, be known as only it seems that " the bright phearl on imperial crown " XLR of racing bike of 1 million class accords with Liang Tian king quite: The giant star's temperament, classical glamour, dazzling know precipitation however!

Match a model: XLR of top class racing bike

Jin Chengwu

Disposition feature: Low-key, mysterious

Act a part: Zhu Geliang

Besides the motion picture that there is weight every year in 9 beyond Li Liangliang photograph, everything about Jin Chengwu now people already unknown. Will deduce by him cold Confucianism the Zhu Geliang of elegant, wisdom, still make a person curious really. Perhaps collected Kaidilake the whole region of all top science and technology besides SUV SRX, can accompany this low-key young season king the four seas of a powerful and unconstrained style, roam.

Match a model: Completely road condition SUV SRX

Hu Jun
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