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Of Mai Kaien of American president candidate and Aobama drive a choice
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Dispatch of northward net car: Already became almost finality! New allowed American president will be in Aobama and republic partisans make an appointment with %26#8226; of Bei Lake of person of the Democratic Party arise between writing %26#8226; Mai Kenen. Influence, it is their dream. a dream that drove timely on certain level the earth's surface to amount to them.


Make an appointment with writing %26#8226; Mai Kenen

Drive: 2003 Kaidilake CTS

Make an appointment with writing %26#8226; Mai Kenen, 71 years old. Yalisangna the city is senatorial. Ever learned in American naval institute, got hurt in Vietnam war 1967, the prisoner of war of half should spend 5 years in the war, support trade and object abort, support Yi Zhan and think to should increase army to make the same score stroke force. 2000, he enters into an election contest republic party nominates, bush is beaten in the primary election of city of Er of assorted of new rarely cloth at that time, but defeat finally because of funds not good. Through conserce strength and store up energy of 8 years, this stage a come back, a stratagem which ensures success is great.

Of Mai Kenen driving is the Kaidilake 2003 CTS, as it is said he changes a high-powered new fund CTS-V of purpose. Have media analysis, this old person of 71 years old actually extremely rich vigor and passion, have the sense of responsibility that balances all sorts of force and capacity.


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