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World champion Mo Huilan: Love a car like loving gymnastics (graph)
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The birth date: In July 1979

Birthplace: Guangxi Guilin

The greatest desire: When a successful journalist

Main experience: 5 years old begin experienced gymnastics, 8 years old enter Guangxi body to be versed in the group undertakes professional training, 11 years old enter national gymnastics line, retired 1997. Was fastened to avoid rehearsal to take by news of Chinese people university in September 1998. Ever held the position of the 27th Olympic Games in Beijing TV station 2000 " the net inspects viewpoint item " compere of engage by special arrangement, held the position of phoenix to defend up to now in October 2001 inspect " program of travel of Chinese Olympic Games " compere.

On her uneven bars " tucked forward somersault in the air jumps over bar to seize weapon " movement, be called by international body couplet " next centuries " movement, be named to be " Mo Shi flip " .

On July 4, it is the time that Olympic Games torch passes in Xi'an, before Mo Huilan of champion of athlete of national gymnastics team, world appears in " 08 do not overcome (parameter model picture) Xin Kai is jumped over (picture) enterprise winning road " the mobile spot of Xi'an site. The reporter is in the talk with this world champion, experience her condition that loves a car deeply.

Assiduous study practice is good with respect to skill trick-cycling


2004, mo Huilan obtained motor vehicle driver's license. When just obtaining a driver's license, she also dare not drive alone like a lot of novices go out. Because the job needs, she often should drive go out interview, pass period of time take exercise, her road-sense had qualitative flight.

Mo Huilan says, the rate that she likes a car and love gymnastic performance to be about the same. That paragraph of time, in drove road-sense of the exercise in school to spend a lot of time and energy. From the understanding of safe to the familiar, traffic of graticule of traffic road sign code, arrive to practice and master add decrease block, half slope starts, move the library pours a library to wait drive skill, she issued very great strength really.

After reaching a paragraph of effective way to train through engraving suffering study, of Mo Huilan drive skill had rise apparently, drive now start off experience is richer, shift gears, start very smooth, back a car put in storage does not have a problem more. Though drive,skill is returned cannot compare with look of professional cycle racing hand, but because like a car, also became cycle racing hand " vermicelli made from bean starch " .
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