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Mengdiou - send get the better of " star " Rui Chenggang of CCTV name mouth
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Dispatch of northward net car: Recently, the Mengdiou that by Chinese car tripartite alliance of pictorial of car of Ford of athletic federation, Chang'an, China sponsors - send the Chinese car that gets the better of star to train battalion v/arc be on the throne to tell a state at Beijing athletic federation grooms inside base wonderful perform! 11 are become red movie and TV, musical circle, music, chair, model and Olympic Games star and Mengdiou - send get the better of had intimate contact!

Europe of Meng Di of final first phase - send get the better of " star " the contact presses the character that the axis comes on the stage to be able to say is starlight Yi Yi. CCTV name mouth, the Rui Chenggang of compere of CCTV economy channel of the cacique person that Ceng Zhuan has sought hundreds international business circles, economy academia and political circles, carry Ford Europe brand-new heart of admiral model, 007 state drive, advanced car city stars in home Europe of model Meng Di - send get the better of come on stage ceremoniously. Under great reputation, be be worthy of the name is sagacious, still have asing if is inherent elite temperament, rui Chenggang so, mengdiou - sending Sheng Yiru is.

Regard CCTV economy as the famous compere of channel, rui Chenggang is depended on for many times with the original understanding to thought of incident of of all kinds economy, tide obtains the quick-witted dialog of elite of international politics business circles and its individual " elite of tomorrow of 2001 whole worlds " (title of Global Leader For Tomorrow) , 2002 is to be obtained at the same time more judge " in the United States prominent young person " and " in Ou Jie gives a young person " . And most person sends the impression that get the better of to come from 007 state heart to Mengdiou drive, mengdiou - send get the better of move the appearance of feeling to design by right of vogue make model of wind and cloud of 2007 Europe year with the masterly craft that build a car, more include is close 50 media large award. They go up in competition ground mutual reflect, to Mengdiou - send get the better of star to train battalion to bring another wonderful.

Like sky-blue Rui Chenggang to appear with blue grid outfit not only that day, and to sky-blue costly movement edition Mengdiou - send get the better of can saying is one affection seeing tendency: "The appearance of this car special really grab an eye, I like its color very much, the breath that is full of motion has qualitative feeling very much at the same time. The breath that is full of motion has qualitative feeling very much at the same time..
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