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With send get the better of one case " struggle " send get the better of " star
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Dispatch of northward net car: A few days ago, the Mengdiou that by Chinese car tripartite alliance of pictorial of car of Ford of athletic federation, Chang'an, China sponsors - send the Chinese car that gets the better of star to train battalion v/arc be on the throne to tell a state at Beijing athletic federation grooms inside base wonderful perform! 11 are become red movie and TV, musical circle, music, chair, model and Olympic Games star and Mengdiou - send get the better of had intimate contact!

This period Mengdiou - send get the better of " star " osculatory leading role believes everybody is very familiar, she is " struggle " in the Xu Cuicui of the person that act that shows dew. Although " struggle " heat is sowed is last year, but in Mengdiou - send get the better of star to train battalion activity spot, still a lot of staff members take off a mouth to cry to Xu Cuicui " dew is shown " . Go up than screen slightly some are complex with struggling figure figure, the Xu Cuicui in reality wants it seems that many agile and nifty, especially a pair of gules sneaker, make she shows grab especially eye.

Speak of the topic of concerned car, xu Cuicui admits the appearance that values car is designed bluntly, must the first can move her ability goes. With vogue, move the Mengdiou with feeling celebrated appearance - send get the better of as emerald green as Xu emerald green it may be said " fall in love at first sight " ! Other star and Mengdiou - send getting the better of group photo is " fondle admiringly " , xu Cuicui is flat involve automobile body, with Mengdiou - send get the better of will kiss intimate contact thoroughly! In camera lens, mengdiou - send get the better of the humeral line with that trenchant edges and corners and lumbar line, and fluent roof curve, with emerald green emerald green the picture that the horsetail plait combination of agile tight jacket and high raise rises especially good-looking.