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Than motion: Kaidilake 330i of 3.6 comparative BMW
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Have a kind of luxurious car, it is to show off and be born not only, more hold to enjoy accuse, experience control fun and unripe. Kaidilake CTS and BMW 3 departments, namely such hind drive car. Below we two cars match a model high to be taken do compare, unlike other, compare athletic ability only.
What appear as top class model is Kaidilake CTS 3.6 and BMW 330, both and referenced quote is respectively 550 thousand the left and right sides and 570 thousand the left and right sides, at present two cars all are sold with importing means.

Use feeling external form: CTS modelling is sharp, 330i is not quite fresh

Car picture: Kaidilake _CTS Car picture: BMW _330i

The appearance of 08 CTS undertook redesigning, like the edges and corners like diamond trenchant surface makes the car looks very sharp, have extremely strong aggression sex, wide in the net ases if can gobble up all air, the headlight before the perpendicular type of follow tradition is just as sharp eyes, let a person dare be not faced up to. The car end that becomes warped on gives CTS the attitude of a dive, resemble the athlete on the scratch line, labor force is waited for hair.
Compare with CTS photograph, the 3 departments appearance that had spent 3 year had let a person lose new move. Although grille of angel eye, double kidney, short front overhang and tighten up on the car end that become warped is in those days seductive place, but come 3 years have not has changed the 3 departments of appearance appearance to there already was not too big attraction nowadays.

Car picture: Kaidilake _CTS Car picture: BMW _330i
The car end that becomes warped on adds on two side double the back row that go out is tracheal move move is very It is pair of vent-pipe after going out likewise, but in same side