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Of car of sports of high-end both sides contend for C30 of BMW 130i comparative
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A few days ago, car of sports of 1 department both sides is in BMW formally China appears on the market, share 3 2 models that discharge an amount with two 3 to be able to offer an alternative, the price of 130i AT model that carries 3.0L engine among them is 445 thousand yuan. Because A3 returns the Ao Di of same fixed position to was not introduced at present, so 1 department is in BMW at present home is almost rare adversary. We thought of not to show the Wo Erwo C30 2.4i of hill dew, its price is controlled in 360 thousand yuan. One is accuse in order to hold and control celebrated BMW, one is with sedate the Woerwo that gives priority to with safety, than who does both photograph suit more?

The exterior reachs a space:
Car picture: 1 department of β 韄
BMW 1 department
Car picture: C30 of 謃 of brother's son 
Wo Erwo C30

BMW 1 department is the car of the first both sides that BMW enters China, before face as before inheritance familial classical style, headlight of double angel eye adds double kidney grille to let a person can identify its blood relationship. As a result of engine vertical buy must slender before machine lid and the athletic feeling that lift back modelling to make its have racing bike. And C30 is forehead likewise for Woerwo's familial typical feature, the most distinctive depend on its rear. The design of taillight and end door is very original, although cannot say is beautiful, but OK however let a person remember.

BMW open of door of 1 department end Open of door of end of Wo Erwo C30

BMW 130i AT Edition of navigation of Wo Erwo C30 2.4i