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An exalted horse amounts to a passion oneself 6 litter run comparative name the
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Shanghai popular Polo fastens line model is a female all the time to love most, and appear on the market the picture of quote of Ma Zida 2[of insufficient half an year] depending on likewise lovely and the attention that the appearance that rich motion feels drew large quantities of females. Both photograph is compared, ma Zida 2 bold and unrestrained and clever, hold accuse to feel exceedingly good; And Polo criterion the collect inside passion, nowhere does not show the experienced and sedate color of type of a kind of heart fully. (The following left for Ma Zida 2 right for Polo strong feeling [quote picture] )

Appearance and space: Horse 2 motion Polo is sedate
Car pictureCar picture

The horse amounted to the appearance of 2 to accede oneself Ma Zida's familial campaign style, of mark sex before the line does not have the waist of type of face, clipper-built automobile body, dive to be absent feel to move and telling people its is born. Although Polo strong feeling compares outer form with old money photograph aggressiveness increased on the design, but whole will look to still be given priority to with the cautious style of old money.

The horse amounts to 2 vogue 1.3AT oneself 08 Polo strong feeling edition of 1.4 automatic fashion
Long / wide / tall (Mm) 3905/1695/1480 3916/1650/1465
Wheelbase (Mm) 2490 2460

From go up in light of the watch, the horse amounts to 2 as strong as Polo feeling to be on the space oneself still is neck and neck. photograph comparing, ma Zida 2 in the car wide, car reachs wheelbase high to go up to have little advantage, this also brings about its to be in take Polo interest should be compared on the space affection is a few more capacious, especially head space. Passenger of the back row before the horse amounts to 2 inferior sitting position to be able to make oneself won't feel very depressive.
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