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Be worthy of the name: MG3 SW and POLO CROSS are comparative
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Of MG3 SW appear on the market time or fan, but the 8~12 that a few authoritative personages give out the price limits of 10 thousand however the competitor that as it happens allows MG3 CROSS and him----Interval of CROSS POLO price had certain coincide, so, same 120 thousand, of two same fixed position " mix model car " , who can you choose?

"Mix model car " , having a car namely kind comfortable and the car that having certain carrying capacity, can saying is the mixture body of SUV and car. So, the article from comfortable model with carrying capacity two respects undertake contrast, who seeing just is be worthy of the name " mix model car " .

We are relative it is the hand of MG3 MG3 SW 1.8 with agency sole office from an organic whole luxurious model exhibit car and Cross Polo 1.6L automatic these two.
Hand of MG3 SW 1.8 from an organic whole luxurious Cross Polo 1.6L is automatic

Carrying capacity and function: MG3 is more doughty

Cross Polo 1.6L is automatic Hand of 3SW 1.8 of MG name the rank of nobility from an organic whole. . .
The smallest road clearance (Mm) 117 160

Can see from parameter, the smallest road clearance of CROSS POLO compares POLO tower above merely ten millimeter, hardly what changes, rise quite, the MG3 SW carrying capacity with higher road clearance takes actor apparently, and, MG3 SW protects board of engine chassis, the protection with when passing rough entire road surface, be offerred better to engine and batholith can be measured in the car, CROSS POLO is right merely chassis did the processing that seal model, appear not quite professional.

The trailing arm after the Maifuxun before the pensile system of two cars all is reverses bridge type rigid axle suspension, this kind of structure conduces to the carrying capacity that increases automobile body, those who be car provide safeguard through the gender, and save a space, can make the space inside the car gets optimizing.
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