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Masses GTI comparative BMW1 is
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Artillery piece of heart department little steel is recently on market very popular, the totemic masses from inside car confusing heart ' GTI ' the Ou Baoya that goes to what the design is full of romantic style is special [quote picture] , the little steel artillery piece that lets high end got of young and fashionable gens chase after hold in both hands. Same, BMW earned in China 2007 in what just go sufficient brushstroke, shortly exhibits the Beijing car that kick off on, the BMW of the most small-sized date also comes to the means that imports with former outfit to Chinese market. From this, about heart type little steel prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan the argue between is about to begin one.
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What you turn over if to gave print not less 2007 is fashionable kind of magazine, "Chase after me? Unless you are GTI " you won't feel advertisement most propbably certainly unfamiliar. The] of picture of quote of VW Golf GTI[that comes from large numerous n/COL the head of a family model, masses GTI is called in China, although be the masses intended and evasive its are high-powered the origin of version and common model, but the essence of GTI is a wing-rooms on either side of one storey house that can use car some day to often be used when the writer lifts back model as before, not abrupt on modelling, it is the huge apiary division account on the face before GTI only the grille that take energy of life and rim of 4 sharp aluminium alloy beetle-crusher, let GTI be full of the imposing manner of aggressive. Masses GTI is entered China come one many year, although more it is to shape the brand image of car of house of motion of a high end, but GTI already its masterly craft quality, advanced science and technology, and your person is carefree of dripping wet drive experience those who won the public figure inside numerous course of study reputably.
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Although BMW 1 department [quote picture] it is the model with the at present smallest size in BMW car department (MINI except) , but it maintained BMW as before consistent athleticism and hold the convention that dominate. 1 department is the house car model of the drive after the buy before the FR with the at present shortest wheelbase in model of city carry out, held to BMW 50: The classical around car of 50 allocates again, the suspension plus BMW nicety tone teaching and classical straight line 6 crocks of engine, 1 department is not the good name that little steel prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan fortunately.
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