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"Standard " C class car: Run quickly M35 of Ni Di of E280 comparative Ying Fei
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Make two cars " standard C class [quote picture] car " , because their wheelbase does not have a basis,basically be Chinese consumer to back row space " special love " undertake lengthen. Under photograph comparing, although the value is relative taller, but run quickly E class [quote picture] brand appeal force is beyond question, and the M35 of Ying Fei Ni Di that still extends phase at the brand has sexual price to compare a dominant position, suit those pursuit very much luxurious enjoy the consumer with low-key figure. (CHE168 database: Each model of E280 and M35 configures difference)

Motivation: Asymmetrical compete
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The 3.0L engine of E280 can satisfy the daily requirement that use a car completely (Zun Tu) , if want to go after better dynamical performance, the E350 that still has equipment 3.5L engine and air suspension can offer an alternative. Yingfeinidi still has the M45 of equipment V8 engine in North America, but Chinese consumer does not have American in that way " V8 clue " , and the fame that day produces classical VQ35 engine is enough and resonant (right graph) , in what 206kw can erupt on M35 most the biggest torque of high-power and 363Nm, 5 block automatic transmission to do not have G35[quote picture] go up assign a shift gears function, also do not have E280 7 fast automatic transmission technology is advanced, but cooperate tacit understanding with engine, can let M35 accomplish activity all appropriate.

Space of M35 back row is better, configuration is rich; To the consumer of high-end model, the brand appeal force that run quickly is more powerful.
(each model of E280 and M35 is comfortable the gender configures difference)
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