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The safety of 980Mpa assures: Comment on safety of new sounds of nature to sell
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"Thin, tigidity needs stencil steel of day department car, german car armor plate is thick, rigid good " , similar judgement already formed public praise effect between the person that buy a car. Day is a car whether overturn traditional impression, does the made safe public praise that has heart department car sell a site? New sounds of nature is a right choice probably.

Car picture: East wind day produces _ new sounds of nature
New sounds of nature

Key attention: "980Mpa " , The craft of tall rigid armor plate asks, Developmental , Automobile body structure


Security of automobile body passivity is become in recent years, the security element that domestic consumer place pays close attention to generally. Allude security of automobile body passivity, what associate for a short while is the ply that automobile body uses board. So, such-and-such car used the board of 0.8mm, 1.0mm, became everybody to compare a product, the heat topic of discussion of at one's leisure.

In fact, plate thickness is one of the numerous index that the car uses armor plate security only. More important is the grade strength that the car uses board, the adumbrative intensity with higher grade is higher, cost also is met accordingly taller. New sounds of nature used the car of UHSS 980MPA to use board of extra high strength in domain of B class car first, and whole vehicle uses tab of automobile body armor plate 60% times achieved 390MPA. Automobile body design is based on safe consideration, part of post of A, B, C is like by force in rigid requirement, use high grade armor plate to be able to resist effectively come from external tigidity is bumped, implementation and suck can the photograph with perfect part is united in wedlock.

The craft of tall rigid armor plate asks

Have rigid first-rate board only " enclothe " it is far insufficient, how to assure actual effect, soldering is Chongzhongzhi is weighed. And author place says solder, what just be a delegate with roof part is local, the link intensity between tigidity. Automobile body is other place, waited to already realized figuration of punch of an organic whole like side wall, of the requirement is local only the link intensity with automobile body. New sounds of nature, realized automobile body laser beam welding to receive a technology, no matter be to soldering,intensity still is fast spend a respect, had the level of surveyor's pole class. In addition, because the hardness of the armor plate of extra high strength of UHSS 980MPA is extremely tall, treatment turned a huge into difficult problem. To solve this problem, when undertaking automobile body develops a design, day is produced be developed jointly together with the supplier and make a pattern, research machines a method. Additional, rolled steel of the tall tigidity that to make sure new generation soundses of nature automobile body uses, freeboard tigidity reachs design level, ensure its are safe character, day is produced in Japan decided at the higher level but not officially announced dot design produces a pattern, next overseas investment uses reexport.
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