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"Much perspective speaks " the choice of gear-box
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Editor's note: "Is family expenses car chosen is be being returned automatically a hand move? " , this looks be like is a very absurd title, because everybody knows, be blocked automatically and the hand is moved block the distinction that having essence, former leaving to go to the lavatory, but excessive consumption of fuel and oil, and the price is high, the hand is moved block an operation to although compare a trouble,rise, but have province oil cheap and drive the merit with much fun. We are not to want to show this issue of course here, think clew however everybody, be being returned automatically is the hand moves the choice between to go up, different model can have different tendentiousness. Because have some of car,this basically is more be good at be being blocked automatically, and some cars are a hand the performance that uses transmission case is more excellent.

First for large category, can press the blood relationship of car, will decide automatic and appropriate still be the hand is moved appropriate.

This can divide two kinds roughly. Day department and beautiful department are a kind, of this kind of model block automatically more outstanding, function wants excel hand to use a model, and another kind is Europe department, hand of best to this kind of car choice is moved block a model.

Beautiful lend the drama that splash 鍥 墖

Blooded American car, apparent excel hand uses the property that blocks automatically block, still use a bosom to block a design even, fasten gram century inchoately for example

The place of the concept that build a car with different different area brings about be put in such difference. American likes to be blocked automatically, ordinary hand moves the car that block to leave without the person, this is comfortable and as relaxed as American pursuit drive habit and place's excellent road environment has close relationship, because this beauty fastens manufacturer to be met more pour into designs research and development to wait at what block automatically, meet thereby the property that oversight hand uses transmission case. Day fastens a car to basically face overseas market, and this has again among them be to sell past United States more very of this staple market, affirmative meeting ground the characteristic of American market puts major energy on automatic gear-box, because this function of automatic gear-box wants excel hand,use transmission case.
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