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Current next year will be pushed new engine of pressure boost of 1.4 quantities
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Recently, general motors company announces to will roll out a brand-new 1.4L to discharge a quantity to list engine of pressure boost of 4 crocks of turbine continuously in next year, although the future of dynamical parameter i.e. of this engine carries a model still very not clear, but according to general interior relevant personage expresses, include Xue Folan Cobalt (carry 2.2 litres to list 4 crocks of ECOTEC 145 continuously be equal to horsepower) , Saturn Astra (carry the 1.8L Ecotec that has 140 horse power 4 crocks of engine) the user that waits for a model to make this engine likely in future, and give attention to two or morethings is energy-saving be in the window that is this new engine with motivation.
Beautiful lend the drama that splash 鍥 墖Beautiful lend the drama that splash 鍥 墖

Cobalt of Xue Folan of money of 2008 Saturn Astra 2008

It is reported, be in early the Ou Baoya that rolled out last year is special [quote picture] the inchoate version that this 1.4L used to discharge engine of quantity turbine pressure boost on 5 edition model, and be rolled out formally next year hind, this engine also will take sb's place at present Aveo (domestic Le Feng [quote picture] ) the 1.6 L4 engine of the model, make the engine with the minorrest volume that global company rolls out on market.

Beautiful lend the drama that splash 鍥 墖

The engine of pressure boost of 1.6L Ecotec turbine that cash Ou Baoya offers especially
Beautiful lend the drama that splash 鍥 墖Beautiful lend the drama that splash 鍥 墖

In model nominally, difference of domestic and international existence -- AVEO model of abroad is Le Cheng of domestic Le Feng and rather than namely

To this roll outing of new engine, author couplet thought of domestic Shanghai is general announce before long green move future to plan, a series of of mixture motivation and engine of quantity of high-powered small platoon roll out resemble our declare publicly green environmental protection will still be the heat that competes between prospective manufacturer, and the plan of this kind of benefit and environment and consumer just is us those who expect is truly double win.
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