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Entrance VS is homebred: Does lion run where is engine difference?
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Accompany lion to run [quote picture] homebred appear on the market, everybody changes attention the dynamical system that matchs to car by price gradually. Attention dot comes from, homebred the engine that match whether as identical as entrance engine, if have difference, where? The following, the author outputs combinative engine dynamical parameter, go doing compare in detail.

Problem link: I see on the magazine, say homebred lion runs [quote picture] engine is not former outfit entrance, assemble in home, this is true, still have, is the difference that former outfit and home assemble big?

Car pictureCar picture

The entrance is homebred

The graph is on entrance, homebred the engine cabin of two 2.0L model is comparative, arrive through comparing us to be able to be watched continuously, the laid that from air inlet duct reachs the designated position the set of buy, return the installation position of available filter, the position of engine room agrees basically. Just, the appearance of dustproof cover produced the engine of nose coping to change.

Model Entrance lion runs Homebred lion runs
Launch type mark G4GC G4GC
Platoon quantity 1.975L 1.975L
Most high-power 104KW/6000RPM 104KW/6000RPM
Peak value torque 184NM/4500RPM 184NM/4500RPM

From power, torque output quota looks, two engine expression agrees completely. Look from structure distributing gas, two machines used 4 crocks of fixation double cam, 16 valve to design, airframe is made for complete aluminium. From peak value torque output rotate speed is judged, should belong to officer of typical air of high rotate speed. And different point, assisting technical segment. Entrance lion runs the G4GC that match is pure natural and inspiratory design, and be in homebred later, case inferior the CVVT valve with subordinate and will mature car when successive and volatile technology matched G4GC in, hold ECU control through the car, below different travel operating mode, add up to time to optimize through adjusting inlet valve to leave into gas, make achieve goal of promotion fuel socioeconomic. But also took doubtful point from this, go looking from the convention, after matching CVVT technique, in promotion fuel socioeconomic at the same time, still can promote the power of engine output normally, but pass the parameter to two engine to compare, the G4GC of homebred equipment reveals the advantage on power without body.
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