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Details of technology of engine of Xin Yage 3.5L VCM is solved
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The 8th acting elegant cabinet that in Guangzhou this cropland reshipment rolls out [quote picture] in the model, have the model of engine of an embarking 3.5L VCM. Engine of this 3.5L VCM used V6 buy formula, and have 3, 4, mode of 6 crocks of 3 kinds of jobs. Simple point says, this 3.5L engine, can work as V6 engine already, also can need according to engine operating mode at the same time, "Change personally " to list 3 crocks of engine continuously or 4 crocks of V engine.
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The working mode that have the aid of differs 3 kinds this, VCM system can the job of engine of meticulous adjust measures to local conditions discharges an amount, make its keep synchronous with the requirement of dynamical environment at any time, improved fuel economy greatly. Still can satisfy same department engine at the same time be opposite when necessary the most high-powered requirement. Normally, was opposite this at 2 o'clock cannot coexist almost for groovy engine.
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Start in engine, quicken or keep out when climbing, engine can start 6 all cylinder to move, basically be to satisfy engine to start each parts of earlier cylinder body to heat so even, perhaps satisfy the requirement that motivation outputs. Right now, engine can be satisfied with the rapiddest rate most the motivation of the biggest perhaps torque needs high-power.

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If be in when car in of low speed decide fast cruise or when demand of engine small negative charge (fast condition issues idle) , VCM system meets what shut 3 cylinder of engine a side through controlling VTEC system enter, exhaust and will complete the switch that arrives to list mode of work of 3 crocks of engine continuously from V6 engine for oil. Right now, the real work of this 3.5L engine discharges a quantity to have 1.75L only.
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